Rail holidays in Morocco

M orocco’s warm climate, fascinating culture and impressive countryside have long made it a favourite for visitors from across the Straits of Gibraltar and beyond. However, the country’s high speed rail lines, and the fact that you can reach North Africa by land and sea from Continental Europe, remain a bit of a travel secret and therefore provide rich rewards for more intrepid travellers. Moroccan cities provide comfortable options for all budgets, from cheerful, family-run riads to luxurious accommodation with rooftop terraces and sapphire-blue swimming pools. After a good night’s rest, there is a huge amount to explore from the soaring peaks of the Atlas Mountains to the world-class beaches on the Atlantic Coast, via bustling, characterful towns and cities.

Itineraries in Morocco

Tailor Made Rail
8 Days
Enjoy an epic adventure, travelling from London overland to the south of Spain and then across the Straits of Gibraltar to North Africa. Enjoy stops in Barcelona, Tangiers and Moroccan capital Rabat en route to unforgettable Marrakech.
From $1,899