Rail Holidays in Russia

R ussia boasts approximately 128,750 kilometres of rail to explore, stretching from the ‘Venice of the North’, St Petersburg, all the way to Vladivostok on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Whether you want to see Faberge’s famous jewel-encrusted eggs, Moscow’s enormous Red Square, or the vast steppes of Siberia, Russia’s rail network helps you explore this vast and often beautiful country. High-speed trains now connect St Petersburg, Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod, the famous ‘Golden Triangle’, making it easy to visit these three fascinating cities. For those who want to see more of Russia, the Trans-Siberian Express continues to offer a unique experience, connecting Moscow to either Vladivostok or the Chinese capital, Beijing.

Itineraries in Russia

Tailor Made Rail
9 Days
Travel across Europe to Russian capital Moscow on this epic adventure. You'll have 3 nights here and 3 nights in stunning St Petersburg before making your onward journey. Why not continue the adventure and travel back by rail through Scandinavia?
From $1,999

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Tailor Made Rail
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