You can change the text size whilst browsing our site for optimum readability.

All regular browsers offer the possibility of increasing or decreasing text size, which is explained here:

Google Chrome

On the menu bar, click on the spanner icon. Select ‘Settings’, then to ‘Show advanced settings’ and then the section entitled ‘Web content’. You can then select the desired reading size from the font size drop-down menu.

Safari (Apple)

In the main Safari menu, select ‘Preferences’, then click on ‘Appearance’. Go to ‘Select’, which you will see alongside ‘Standard Font’, and opt for the best text size for you by clicking on a number in the ‘Sizes’ column. You will also need to select a size from the ‘Fixed-width font’ option.

Mozilla Firefox

On the menu bar, click on view ‘View’, move the cursor to ‘Zoom’ and opt for ‘Zoom Text’ Only. Click on ‘View’ from the menu and then again click ‘Zoom’. Use the ‘Zoom In’ or ‘Zoom Out’ features to change the size of the text.

Internet Explorer (Microsoft)

Click on ‘View’ on the menu bar and move the cursor to ‘Text Size’. Then, change from ‘Largest’ to ‘Smallest’ according to your preferences.